It is very important that every member of the GEM-CAR staff sending emails to GEM-CAR customers uses the same signature model. Follow the next steps to setup your GEM-CAR signature in GMail.

{fa-warning} If you are using a personal email client software (like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc...), make sure to also make the changes in the software. The signature setup in your software will replace the one set in GMail. Also some email client softwares might not allow HTML signatures.

Step 1 - Copy the GEM-CAR signature

Step 2 - GMAIL Configuration

  • Scroll down {fa-level-down } to the "Signature" section,
  • Check the option circle {fa-dot-circle-o } under "No signature",
  • If you've already set one, remove it, otherwise move to the next line,
  • Right-click the empty space in the text area and select "Paste" to paste the new signature copied earlier in the signature page,
    • If nothing is pasted, copy the signature again from the signature page and paste it again.
    • Keyboard shortcut: you can also do the command "CTRL + V" by pressing the two keys on your keyboard to Paste.

  • Edit the personal information, for example:
    • Your name,
    • Your occupation, or title, or department,
    • Add your cellphone (only for reps and trainers),
    • Your extension number,
{fa-warning} Avoir pasting information copied from another software or page in the signature model, as they may bring their formatting (text color, size, font) into the model. You have to manually edit the text. If you still want to paste information into the signature, make sure that they keep the signature's look.
  • To change the email address, click the email address,
  • Click the "Change" text that will appear,

  • In the "Texte to display" field, enter your email address,
  • In the "To what email address should this link?", enter your email address,
  • Click "OK" to continue,

  • When your are done with the changes, scroll down {fa-level-down } to the bottom of the page,
  • Click "Save Changes" to apply and save your new GEM-CAR signature.